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Patrice Michelle

What can I say about writing vampires except that I never thought I would. It’s true! I loved reading vampire romances but I never thought I’d write one myself. That is until the day I bought a ring that seemed to carry a perfumed scent. As strange as that experience was, it did inspire me to create an entire story with a scented ring at the heart of it. And that’s how A Taste for Passion was born.

I write both contemporary and paranormal stories and thoroughly enjoy the unique challenges I face with each genre. Contemporaries keep me honest by holding me true to the laws of physics and other ‘earthbound’ rules while creating a story. Paranormals allow me amazing latitude to create entire new worlds and supernatural heroes and heroines—a place where the only limit to how far I go is my own imagination.




Bad in Boots: Harm’s Hunger (Book I)
Bad in Boots: Colt’s Choice (Book II)
Hearts are Wild anthology (Book III in the Bad in Boots series. This book contains my novella Hearts Afire)

Dragon’s Heart

A Taste for Passion (Book I)
A Taste for Revenge (Book II)

Cajun Nights anthology (contains my novella Embrace the Moon)

Time travel/Shapeshifter
Ellora’s Cavemen: Tales from the Temple II anthology (contains my novella Dream Walker)


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