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Kate Hill

Kate Hill is a thirty-something vegetarian New Englander who likes heroes with a touch of something wicked and wild. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications both on and off the Internet. When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history.



Blood and Soul
Carnal Discipline
Carnal Indulgence
Carnal Inheritance
Carnal Interlude
Carnal Obedience
Carnal Obsession
Carnal Surrender
Carnal Temptation
Cryptic Trysts
Dangerous Cravings 1: The Red Curtain
Dangerous Cravings 2: Disdain
Dangerous Cravings 3: Lust and the Damned
Dangerous Cravings 4: Hair of the Dog
Darkness Therein
Deep Red
Dusky Kisses
God of the Grim
Heart's Blood 1: The Dark Room
Heart's Blood 2: Raw
Heart's Blood 3: Make Love, Not Money
Handsome Bastard
The Elixir Maidens 1: Ruby
The Elixir Maidens 2: Scarlet
The Elixir Maidens 3: Crimson
The Elixir Maidens 4: Bitten, Again
The Masters 1: Rune
The Masters 2: Tarak
The Masters 3: Samson
Revenge of the Court Jester


Hot River 1: Triple Shot Tracy
Hot River 4: Noodlin' for Nadine (upcoming)
Knights of the Ruby Order: Torn
Knights of the Ruby Order: Crag
Knights of the Ruby Order: Lock
Knights of the Ruby Order: Mica
Knights of the Ruby Order: Blaze
Fantasy Flames 1: Cavern Dancer
Fantasy Flames 2: Soothsayer
Bound and Becharmed


Puppies Bite
Alien Affairs 1: Doing Thyme (upcoming)
Alien Affairs 2: Moonlight on Water (upcoming)
Alien Affairs 3: Ménage a Tasia (upcoming)
Lust's Shadow
Silver Iris 2: The Butterscotch Brute
Silver Iris 3: Romeo Revealed
Silver Iris 3: Mate Night


Aspectians 1: Emperor's Desire
Aspectians 2: The Teddie
Bound to the Tiger
Caged With the Tiger
Captive Stallion
Dream Stallion
Highland Stallion
Hot River 2: Sixty-Nine Sadie
Hot River 3: Second Chance Charity (upcoming)
Raptvyn's Rogue
Silver Cuffs (Forever Midnight anthology)
Tamed by the Tiger (Wicked Delights anthology)
Winter Stallion
Victory Stallion


The Chieftain's Bride
His Sister's Kiss (By Honor Bound anthology)
The Horse Tamer's Bride
The Mad Knight's Bride


Back to Haunt You
Demon Lover
Good Weds Evil
Python Place 1: Pleasure and Pain
Python Place 2: Hot and Bothered
Python Place 3: Rose and Thorn
Sating the Lust God
Rediscovering Thor


Silver Iris 1: GreatSword's Woman


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 Puppies Bite